Age Groups

Travel Program (Fall & Spring)

The Travel program is for children in grades 3-6 and is comprised of four divisions – U9, U10, U11 and U12. WYS Travel soccer is offered through BAYS. Travel is a competitive soccer program in which Wrentham teams play other town’s travel teams.


Per BAYS Current Rule Book;

The BAYS age groups shall be as follows, such that all players on a roster shall be under the specified age  on July 31st preceding  the start of the season:

 U-12, U-11, U-10 & U-9 years of age.

In compliance with US YOUTH SOCCER and MASS. YOUTH SOCCER requirements no exceptions will be approved to permit players older than the specified age to play in any age group except that:

A. an age exception may be granted under bylaw 3 (ADA waivers);

B. the Competition Committee may grant an age waiver (at the request of a town only) to a child who is grade-appropriate for the age group but is otherwise too old for the age group, so long as:

the team that the child is playing on will play only in BAYS Division 3 or lower "


Players who qualify for U-9 are also eligible for U-10. Availability of a U-9 team will depend on the number of registrations received in that age group. Players who qualify for U-11 are also eligible for U-12. Availability of a U-11 team will depend on the number of registrations received in that age group. Anyone who is too old for U-12 is encouraged to contact King Phillip Soccer Association (KPSA).


The BAYS Board of Directors has voted in May 2012 to prohibit U8 and younger players to play on a BAYS team unless they are in the 3rd Grade. This Policyis effective starting with the Fall 2012 season.



In-Town Program (Fall only)

For players interested in the In-Town program the age group is determined based on the grade level the player has reached in school. The chart below indicates a player's eligibility. To read the chart find the grade that the player will be entering in the fall on the left hand side and find the proper In-Town division to the right. Divisions K, D and C will be split by gender. Depending upon the number of registered players, B and A MAY be combined into one.

In-Town Divisions
Grade Division
1,2 U8