All coach or assistant coach (in town and travel) for Wrentham Youth Soccer (WYS) under Massachusetts General Law, you must be CORI certified.  Even if you have been CORI certified through another organization (like Wrentham Public Schools), each organization is required to perform a CORI certification.   Wrentham Youth Soccer is a member of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), who provides CORI services to WYS.  After changing their system 5 times in 4 years, MYSA has finally simplified the process through their own website. Here is that process.


If you have previously been CORI certified with WYS, you can look at the following link and find your name on the CORI certified list.  If your date of expiration is prior to year end, you will need to be re-certified for Fall 2013 soccer.  If you do not appear on the list at all, your CORI certification is already expired. Here is the link to the list associated with WYS (this list has all MYSA soccer organizations from the letter O to the letter Z, so you have to scroll down to Wrentham Youth Soccer to find your name):  




If you are not CORI certified or your certification is due to expire prior to the end of the year, click on the following link, complete the requested information and submit it to MYSA.  Make sure you use “Wrentham Youth Soccer” as the organization, spelled out fully. Also, WYS will need a copy of your driver’s license which WYS retains.  That can be emailed to spmahoney@verizon.net or a hard copy provided at the mandatory coaches meeting to  be scheduled before the start of the season.  Here is the registration link:



For more information from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association about CORI certification, here is the link to their website: http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/programs/cori.update.aspx


CORI compliance is an important aspect of our organization.  If you are not CORI compliant, you cannot coach. So, please complete this process sooner rather than later. If you have any questions, please contact Sean Mahoney  our CORI Coordinator at spmahoney@veirzon.net