Player Evaluations


2015 Evaluations  - June 20th


Reminders for Player Evaluations

·         Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled session to sign in and get your tryout pinnies

·         Players should BRING a properly inflated BALL and a WATER BOTTLE.

·         Player must wear soccer cleats and be appropriately dressed to play soccer.

·         Players should wear PLAIN t-shirts with NO NUMBERS so that the numbers on their assigned pinnies will be visible. Do not wear your soccer/club jersey.

·         Players must attend the scheduled evaluation session for their AGE GROUP.


Given the relative nature of the assessments within each particular age bracket, NO make-up sessions are planned. If a player cannot make his or her assigned session, you must NOTIFY the appropriate Boys/Girls Coordinator PRIOR to the scheduled date


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Click read more below:  

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about travel soccer and the WYS player evaluation process.

How are the players evaluated?


Soccer professionals, from Challenger Sports,  provide unbiased scores for each player based on their overall ability to play individually and as part of a team, as demonstrated through a combination of individual skills stations and small-sided games. 

This year, players will be evaluated based on several drills, which will include the player’s ability to dribble at pace while turning and shooting, field and game awareness, ability to look for space and find players that are open, etc.

Each session will finish with a small-sided game and depending on the age group, they will be evaluated on factors like:

·         Are the players involved in the game?

·         Do the take up a natural position e.g. out wide, attack, defense?

·         Do they make the right decision e.g. pass, shoot, dribble at the right time?

·         Do they communicate with other players?

·         Do they help teammates by encouraging them?

·         Do they show talent during the game in how they play?

Players will be constantly rotated so that they are always playing with and against different players in their age group, as well as evaluated by many different Challenger coaches. This makes the scoring system as objective and unbiased as possible.

Challenger Sports scores the players based on shirt number only. Evaluators do not know any player names.

Each player receives at least four individual scores. Challenger then determines an average score for each player.


How are players placed on travel teams for the fall?

Teams are built based on PLAYER’S AVERAGE SCORES received from Challenger. For example, the ten girls with the highest average scores may be placed on the first team in a given age group. The next ten girls may be placed on the second team, and so on.

It is common to have similar scores with players at the margin between teams.  For example, players rated #9, 10, 11, and 12 may all have similar average score (approx. 3.9 out of 5.0, for example); in such cases, the board can utilize WYS coaches’ evaluations from the most recent seasons to finalize player placements.

These team groupings are then reviewed to make sure player placement is consistent with coach’s evaluations from prior seasons. Although rare, adjustments are made if necessary. 

How many players play on a team?

The number of players registered in each age group, along with maximum team sizes, together determine how many players are on a team, so the number of players on each team's roster can vary.  For example, if 30 U9 girls register, we will build three teams of ten players. 

Ideally, we limit the number of players to afford each player substantial playing time. The number of players on 6v6 and 8v8 teams may vary depending on many factors, but is ultimately determined by the WYS Board.  There are also Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league limitations for the number of players on a given team; however, WYS teams typically fall well below the BAYS limits. For U9 and U10 teams, there will likely be 10-12 players per roster.  For 8v8 teams when all teams are travel, the travel committee determines the roster size based on the number of players needing placement.  The Board will make its best judgment on the number of players on each team.


Can I request that my child be placed on a team with specific children?

No.  WYS does not entertain requests for placement with specific children for travel teams.

Can I request a specific coach for my child?

No.  WYS does not entertain requests for placement with specific coaches for travel teams.

Can my siblings or twins be placed on the same team?

Requests can be made for brothers or sisters IN THE SAME AGE GROUP to play on the same team. In all cases, the higher scoring child will be placed on the team with the lower scoring child, but not vice versa.

My child was on a top team last year; does he/she need to attend player evaluations?

Yes!  Every effort should be made to attend player evaluations, but parents must notify the WYS Board if a player is unable to attend placements due to a conflict. Players with an excused absence will be placed on an appropriate team based on their previous coach’s ranking, but there are no guarantees as to their placement level. The Board will exercise its best judgement to place players that do not have an excused absence.

My child played on a top team last year, and is on a lower team this year--why has this changed?

It is important to understand that at young ages, many players’ skill levels compared with their peers can change tremendously in a year. Our goal is to create teams with players of similar skills, which is how BAYS asks that the travel teams be assembled. Previous seasons’ placement does not guarantee a player’s placement level for this season.

What if I think my player was deserving of a higher placement level?

WYS understands that player placement is not an exact science and that it is impossible to please everyone with its decisions. WYS always strives to do its best to objectively place each of our 500+ players on a team appropriate for his/her competitive level where he/she can be most successful.

Players unhappy with their placement are encouraged to continue playing and practicing with their assigned teams. Players will have the opportunity to earn a higher team placement at the following year’s player evaluations.  A disappointing placement presents an opportunity to teach young people how to persevere in the face of adverse circumstances. 

All player placements are final. The Board does not entertain requests to move players up. Encourage your child to participate fully with their team. They will make great friends and have a wonderful time. Experience shows player placements are typically a much larger issue for parents than they are for the players


All player placements are final. The board does not entertain requests to move players up. Encourage your child to participate fully with their team. They will make great friends and have a wonderful time. Experience shows player placements are typically a much larger issue for parents than they are for the players.


 Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the WYS Board if you have any questions or concerns.










How are the players placed on teams in the Spring ? (Note Fall placement outlined above )  

In an ideal world, every player who plays in the Fall would also play in the Spring and no changes would need to make to any team from the Fall. Unfortunately the number of Fall players that play in the Spring is generally less than in the previous Fall. (Soccer is sometime looked on as a Fall sport). 

For this reason, based on the number of players per age group, the exact number of team are decided to make the teams balanced. e.g.  For obvious reasons, it is not good for the players on both teams if one team has 7 and another 13, just to keep the teams the same as they were in the Fall. In this case WYS may need to move 2-3 players to make the teams balanced.  The players that are moved either up or down is generally based on the coach’s rankings from the Fall, the scores from fall evaluations are also considered.  Teams with too few players or too many players is not in anybody’s interest and especially on the young players. It is always very difficult decision to move players but experience shows it is important to make the teams as evenly spread and ultimatly benefits ALL players.

It is human nature not to like changes; Experience shows it is good for the kids to have the ability to play on teams of similar abilities and by developing their soccer skills. WYS goal is not to build a team with a core group of players and try to keep them the same for every season. We feel this does not give every player a fair chance to advance.