Recreation User Fees

Recreation Committee Statement on the Increase of User Fees   Similar to all communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Town of Wrentham has experienced significant financial hardship over the last few years. Due to the Town’s current debt and financial difficulties, the Board of Selectmen entertained a Debt Exclusion vote last spring. Regrettably, the debt exclusion vote did not pass and Wrentham was forced to institute cuts to all Town Department. The Recreation Department’s maintenance budget was reduced by 1/3 or $5,000. To compound the budgeting problem, the Recreation Department was already experiencing a deficit this past year in the maintenance budget due to escalating costs in gas, materials, equipment, repairs and labor. Due to these raising costs, the maintenance budget operated at a deficit of $55,000. Following extensive reflection and evaluation, the Recreation Committee voted unanimously to increase user fees to $60, $65, and then $70 over the next three years. Again, this action was taken mainly because of significant cuts in our maintenance budget and the escalating costs of our maintenance efforts. We regret having to pass these costs onto our user groups but the Recreation Committee feels strongly about maintaining the current conditions of the recreation facilities and the level of safety for the children of Wrentham at all of our complexes. The Recreation Committee appreciates your understanding in this matter. Should you have any questions about these revised user fees, please feel free to contact Jeff Plympton at (508) 384-5427