Registration By Program

The following is some information about the In town and travel  soccer programs


For eligibility guidelines and program descriptions please click here.


In-Town (Fall Only)


The In-Town program is for children in grades K to Second 2 and is comprised of two divisions - K Division and U8.  The purpose of the In-Town program is to teach young children the basic skills of soccer in a fun, safe environment.  The program consists of training sessions and games on Saturdays against other Wrentham In-Town teams.  The In-Town program is only available for the Fall season.

Our K Division (kindergarten only) consists of small, single gender teams focused on introducing soccer to a very young audience.

Our U8 division (1st and 2nd grade) consists of single gender teams with a mix of 1st and 2nd graders on each team.  The focus of our U8 division is to provide additional training and skill development, coupled with “small-sided” games.


Travel (Spring and Fall)


The Travel program is for children in grades 3-6 and is comprised of four divisions – U9, U10, U11 and U12.  WYS Travel soccer is offered through BAYS. Travel is a competitive soccer program in which Wrentham teams play other town’s travel teams.  The Travel program consists of training sessions, practice and games on Saturdays with an equal number of home and away games.  Travel teams are based on evaluations, which take place in June.  Wrentham Youth Soccer utilizes third-party professional coaches to help determine the appropriate travel team for each child (to learn more, see evaluations section).  The Travel program is offered in both the fall and spring seasons.

BAYS maintain multiple divisions (e.g. 1 to 4) of play based on the performance of the teams. The WYS places each travel teams where we feel they will be competitive and challenged to succeed. BAYS also considers past team performance as additional criteria for division selection

All training, practice and games for both In-Town and Travel are played at the Rice Complex located on Emerald Street, Wrentham, MA Players wishing to play on travel teams in an age group above U-12 (12 prior to 8/1) should contact King Philip Soccer Association (KPSA).